Thursday, February 27, 2014

Central Area Greenway Route selected

(you can zoom in on the map in the above website, but not the one below. Sorry)
It will be interesting to see how they handle the very busy block of 22nd next to the Safeway, and how they deal with the 1 way blocks of 21st past Meany School


  1. Cool -- I'm excited for this. Too bad they're building the portion south of John first, but I guess it will give us a preview of what's in store. I'm looking forward to safer, more pleasant bike routes to schools, sports practices, and around the neighborhood. I hope it translates to improvements for pedestrians and slowing down and reducing cut-through traffic as well. In particular, I hope it results in some overall improvements to the one-way block of 21st Ave E in front of the Meany building, which is not my favorite route to walk. It often has an "abandoned" feel to it (with the school on one side and the houses high up above the street on the other). I hope that the greenway will help "activate" that block and help it feel safer, especially in the evenings. I think the greenway will be a great addition to our walkable (and soon to be more bikeable) neighborhood.

    1. they don't have the money to build the northern stretch first, and there are way more destinations from John south. The problem points on the route IMo will be the Madison crossing and the stretch past Safeway, crossing Union, 23rd and Cherry, and Jackson.