Monday, February 27, 2017

Assorted neighbor-generated ideas for Tuesday's HALA meeting

(First here's the Capitol Hill Blog view and a link to Tuesday's meeting info and the OFFICIAL meeting announcement)

1) Here is Debrah Walker's large annotated version of the Madison-Miller zoning map. Download and enlarge to read the handwritten annotations. She'll have copes at the meeting tomorrow. She writes:

I’m attaching text photo of a map I’ve modified with hand written notes about the increase of density in the Miller-Madison Urban Village that I plan to bring to the meeting tomorrow night. It illustrates that this Urban Village has already met the stated HALA density goals. It shows the location of new housing units that have been built since 2015, that are currently under construction, or are in the permitting process.  I’ve included a map from the building department showing current permitted projects, the HALA chart stating the 2035 housing increase goal, and a summary.   It’s information both for the presenters and for neighbors and I will include this summary and my written responses to the MHA principles to attach to the comment form. I’m attaching these as well.

One request that I would encourage others to make (insist on) is that the Environmental Impact Study for Miller-Madison be postponed until 2018 and after Meany Middle School is back in its building and the 543 housing units south of E. John are completed and occupied. We won’t know the impacts of these population increases until then. An EIS completed by the end of June, 2017 will not reflect the reality of impacts this neighborhood is facing.

2) A letter to City Council from Miller neighbors Jack Baker and Judith Bader

3) A letter from Miller neighbor Suzanne Lasser, detailing resources they found useful in their upzoning fight.

4) Debrah Walker's "Principles for MHA Implementation" document - a detailed discussion with local numbers and a ONE PAGE SUMMARY of the arguments.

5) Lauren Swift's large map with suggested modifications. She writes:
Attached is a map of the area with my commentary on how the rezoning proposal should be adjusted. I plan to bring it to the meeting tomorrow night and attach it to a comment form and the work group maps. If you would like one, I will have a few copies, or you can print it off. This, of course, is my thinking, and you may not agree with all of it. At any rate, use what is helpful, and ignore what is not.

(Access to all the linked files is HERE)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Feb 15 Miller Park Neighbors meeting report

Where the ~ 132 meeting participants came from 
(NOTE : 200 people have signed up for the 6PM February 28th Madison-Miller Urban Village Community Design Workshop at Miller Community Center. There's lots of good information about  Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) on the Wallingford Community Council website)

(See also the Capitol Hill blog meeting report, with lots of comments and comments on our previous post).

Miller Park Neighbors
Miller Park Livability – Guiding Principles for Planning 

Discussion from 2/15/2017 Meeting

(Discussion from break out groups is in blue)
Miller Park today is a diverse, affordable, livable community. We support a plan for increased density that promotes the following Principles for Planning.
Define diverse
·      diverse in types of housing (single family historic architecture, old apartments/condos, new town homes, Seattle Housing Authority scattered site housing, Capitol Hill Housing)
·      age

Friday, February 10, 2017

Join Your Neighbors to Protect Miller Park Neighborhood!


6:45 PM, Holy Names Academy Auditorium, 728 21st Ave E, Seattle 

The City is planning significant zoning changes
Your Help is Needed to Shape Those Changes 

As part of the City of Seattle's HALA & the Mandatory Housing Affordability program, the City proposes to rezone ALL Single Family areas to Multi-family in & near Urban Villages (see map hereand to add 10 FEET to the height limit in  ALL the multifamily areas (apartments, townhouses  and condos in the NC and LR areas between Madison and John).

We need to organize as a neighborhood to develop a balanced plan that:
Preserves Neighborhood Character
Encourages Diversity and 
Truly Supports Affordable Housing Goals

Our Neighborhood currently exemplifies what an Urban Residential Village (URV) should be.  The proposed rezoning promises to make all streets in the urban village look like this:

Join Your Neighbors to Protect Your Community

at Miller Park Neighborhood Meeting, February 15, 

7:00  pm, Holy Names Auditorium, 728 21 Ave E.

At this meeting, we will:

  • Review the City’s draft proposal
  • Establish guiding principles for the neighborhood 
  • Discuss concerns
  • Prepare for City’s 2/28 Miller Park Neighborhood Workshop at Miller Community Center, a critical meeting, where we will voice our collective concerns & present our alternatives.   

It’s not too late to stop these drastic changes, but we must join together to succeed.

Stay informed. Learn more & subscribe to email list at
Contact with questions.

TAKE ACTION! Submit Comments to City Council (calling works best): - 684-8806 - 684-8802 - 684-8808 - 684-8016


Sunday, February 5, 2017

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