Saturday, April 7, 2018

Miller Community Center Selected for $3.3 Million Solar Microgrid

I attended an informational meeting about the selection of the site for this demonstration project a few months ago.

The City was choosing between Miller and Van Asselt Community Center for the location of the microgrid. The concerns were, as I recall, that the infrastructure of the (older) Van Asselt Center would be less able to support the solar panels on the roof. Other arguments centered around the central location of Miller vs. the overall lower socio-economic conditions around Van Asselt.

The Miller Community will now have a safe (and powered) haven in the event of any long-duration emergencies.

“In an emergency that causes power outages, the microgrid will continue to power the community center so kids, seniors, and other neighbors will be able to stay warm, charge their phones, do homework and most of all stay safe until we get the lights back on at their homes.”