Sunday, February 9, 2014

Apodment project on East Madison Street

The empty lot on the north side of the  2300 block of East Madison Street, between El Portal Coffee Roasters (which you should visit) and the Bottleneck Lounge, has a MUP Board up announcing that it is slated to become " a six-story congregate residence with 38 sleeping units."

The developer, Gary Mulhair, from the company Calhoun Properties of Seattle, is known as the

originator of "Apodments", so that is what these new residences will indeed be. Unlike many such micro housing units, these ones will have a bar and a coffee shop as adjacent neighbors, so the residents  will have easy access to places to entertain guests.

Here's the link to the DPD Permit Status for the project: go there and you'll know as much as I do.  The City's proposed new micro housing regulations had been stalled by the appeal to the Hearing examiner (by neighborhood activists Chris Leman and Dennis Saxman). Their appeal was recently denied so (unless they appeal the case to City Council)  the proposed regulations can presumably now proceed. There was a public meeting on the related issue of neighborhood building height recently. This project is already underway, so won't be affected by any new regulations.

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