Friday, February 14, 2014

How to join our E-mail list

There are TWO options for availing yourself of the benefits of being involved with our neighborhood association:

If you just want to sorta hover and be watchful of the neighborhood haps and the association’s activities:  Go to this blogspot, bookmark it, and read along, checking the blog routinely for updates:

Quick note, the “Email notification of new posts” option on the blog won’t get you on the neighborhood association email list. That option will serve to let you know when there’s news available via the blog.

OR, if blogs aren’t your thing, and you’d rather just get direct emails:
Send an E-mail to:

Then act on the instructions in the E-mail you receive. Your E-mail will not be displayed in any messages (about upcoming meetings, etc) we send to you and other interested neighbors.

I personally recommend doing both.
(Thanks to co-chair Julianne for this handy guide).

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