Friday, February 14, 2014

Slides from Thursday 2/13/14 Meany School Planning Meeting

From: "Gonzales, Vincent R" <>
Date: February 13, 2014 9:12:28 PM PST
Subject: SDAT-community meeting.pdf

I had a few neighbors ask for a copy of the presentation and I thought by sending it to you directly, you will probably will be able to share it with your community contacts faster than I can by posting it on the BEX IV website.  I'll be sending it out to the rest of the SDAT tomorrow morning plus our IT will most likely post it by the end of next week.

(Meany School Project Manager)

Here's a blog page with links to previous meeting about the project

Here's the link to the Powerpoint presentation 

And here's the page of inks from their presentation:

Seattle Schools BEX Program Updates

Project Manager: Vince Gonzales, email:

Future Meany PTA under development, organized by: Sage McCotter, email:
Heather Timm, email:

SDOT Safe Routes to Schools 
Contact: Brian Dougherty, email:

Meany School History

4culture Heritage Program 

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