Monday, December 30, 2013

Aegis on Madison Neighborhood Open House

Please join us for a Neighbor First Glance event at Aegis on Madison from 3-5 pm on Friday, January 3, 2014.  We are very appreciative of the chance to serve the neighborhood, and before our main grand opening that is scheduled for January 18th from 1-4 pm for the general public, we wanted to invite you to see the newest Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Seattle.  Please RSVP to Simona at 206-325-1600. Beverages and appetizers served.

2200 East Madison Street, Seattle WA 98112
Assisted Living and Memory Support, Now Accepting Deposits
Leasing Office: 206-325-1600

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Matching funds for neighborhood projects!

                                                   NEWS RELEASE
Mike McGinn, Mayor
Bernie Agor Matsuno, Director

Contact:            Lois Maag; 206.615.0950; 

Dates announced for Neighborhood Matching Fund opportunities to support community-initiated projects
Free workshops offered in January for interested community groups

December 17, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – Today Seattle Department of Neighborhoods announced the Neighborhood Matching Fund opportunities for 2014. All three funding programs of the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) – Small Sparks, Small and Simple Projects Fund, and the Large Projects Fund – support the efforts of community members as they work on projects to build stronger neighborhoods and communities.

The NMF program has staff to advise community groups on ways to develop successful applications and projects. Community members are strongly encouraged to contact a Neighborhood Matching Fund Project Manager before applying at 206-233-0093 or

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bus news from Metro: #12 on 19th to be cut

Eliminate the part of the route northeast of E Madison Street/15th
Avenue to reduce duplication with routes 10, 11 and 43.

Operate Route 12 as a one-way route during commute hours: 
westbound in the morning and eastbound in the afternoon. )

(Plans for #8 bus
  • Eliminate the part of the route between E John Street/16th Avenue E and S Jackson Street /23rd Avenue S. )

(and here's the Capitol Hill Seattle take on it: 

If you aren’t the public meeting type and, like CHS, are booked between 12 and 2p, you can provide feedback on the cutbacks to and via Metro’s service survey. )

Dear Community Partner,

As you may be aware, King County Metro Transit is planning to cut up to 17 percent of its service beginning in fall 2014due to a funding shortage. If no new funding is approved, we’ll have to make cuts throughout the county, with every community bearing a share of the impacts.
We’ve cut costs, raised fares, and created other efficiencies to preserve most service over the past five years. But temporary funding authority from the state expires in June, and unless action is taken on stable funding, Metro will have to move forward with drastic service reductions next year.

·         74 routes would be deleted.
·         107 routes would be changed.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

News from a Greenways supporter

Hello Central Seattle Greenways supporters,

I want to update you all on exciting and important news about greenways for the Central District and Capitol Hill. 

Firstly, SDOT has secured funding for two greenways in our neighborhoods! The top candidates are the "23rd corridor greenway" which you may have heard about at the open house, and our priority "ridge route" that is already a popular way for people to walk and bike along the ridge of the CD/Capitol Hill. That's a lot of funding for safe and comfortable streets in our neighborhoods! 

This is a really exciting and important time to get involved. We really need all hands on deck for the next few months to make the most of this opportunity. Come to the restaurant area at Central Cinema Thursday December 5th at 6:15 PM to get involved. If you can't make it but still want to help please be in touch. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Meany Middle School Design Advisory Team Meeting Report

(Here's a link to the official meeting report, with Debrah's submission at the end)

At this first meeting of the Meany Middle School Design Advisory Team, we met the other members of the team.  On the team besides Tami Broadhead, Anne Schwab,  and myself, there were two other neighbors members who are also parents; Anjali Grant and Anna Davidson.  They are now also aware of the Miller Park Neighbors group and the list serve and hope to attend future meeting.

The team is otherwise made up of a district project manager, teachers, staff, a principal, parents, a staff member of the community center, and 3 architects from the firm, Miller Hayashi Architects. 19 were in attendance.  This was the first planning  and programming meeting for Meany's renovation. It is from these meetings that the architects will develop the program and then the design for these buildings.

The budget is limited and much of it will go towards completion of the roofing work started several years ago, seismic upgrades, a fire sprinkler system, more efficient HVAC system, and new windows. The project will work within the existing structures which they hope to make better functioning and looking, including some improved landscaping and exterior features.  The schedule is pretty aggressive with plans to continue re-roofing this summer (2014), to move NOVA out the fall of 2015, the World School out the fall of 2016, and then re-open the Middle school fall of 2017 or winter 2018. 

First Miller Park Neighbors Meeting Report

About 25 of us met in Tamara Broadhead's garage/workshop on Veteran's Day. Many thanks
Co-chair Guillaume Mauger and neighbors in Tamara's basement
Tamara and Karl for the use of their room.

We all agreed that we did indeed want to establish "Miller Park Neighbors" as a group, and were happy when Guillaume Mauger and Julianne Anderson agreed to be co-chairs for now. 

General notion is to establish some bylaws, have elections and get official!  Nobody came forward to be secretary or recording secretary yet, but Julie Renick kindly shared her notes below, to which I have added a few links.

Andrew Taylor (blog author, general busybody and prospective representative to "East District Council").  Now, over to Julie (thanks, again):

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seattle Marathon, Sunday 12/1/13

Quick reminder: the Seattle Marathon will close many streets around Capitol Hill on Sunday 12/1/13: assorted times between 5:30 AM and 4 PM.

Useful links:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Proposed changes to #12 bus

Hey Neighbors,

If you haven't seen it already, Metro is proposing a bunch of service cuts, including eliminating bus service on 19th Avenue.  I would encourage you to send an email or call Metro and tell them to keep running the 12 on 19th all the way to Galer.

Summary of Metro service cuts:

Proposed changes to route 12:
(via a neighbor: thanks, neighbor )

Thoughts on the Greenway / 23rd Avenue issue

Hello All --

Guillaume, here. I wanted to post a few useful links with information and thoughts on the plans for a 23rd Ave redesign. In the next few days I'll also post a letter we're drafting, requesting a meeting with someone from the Mayor-elect's new team.

Here's the SDOT page on the 23rd Ave redesign, including slides from a presentation outlining the plan. There have been several public meetings to date on the redesign (e.g., here's one announcement), but since these applied to the redesign between Jackson and John streets, only Central District residents were specifically notified.

From what I can tell, it sounds like the original plan included a dedicated 2-way bike lane along 23rd Ave, but that this idea was scrapped in response to community pressure. The proposed Greenway(s) (see other descriptions here and here) are a compromise solution, in which 23rd is intended to remain dedicated to cars, with bike lanes along parallel residential streets.

In terms of traffic volume, the lights along 23rd will be timed to improve traffic (a big improvement from what we have today), including some mechanism for timing the lights for city buses. Also on the table are increases to bus service and there will eventually be a light rail station at I-90 and 23rd, connecting us to Bellevue and Sea-Tac.

There is precedent for all of these changes, which have been implemented elsewhere in the city, and my personal opinion is that this is an opportunity to make our neighborhood safer, more cohesive, and more pleasant. (I also think it's a good bet that reducing traffic volumes and adding greenways can improve property values -- maybe for the same reasons :).

Please feel free to add information or comments below.


p.s. -- here's a cool graphic a friend just sent me, illustrating the benefits of increased bus service.

p.p.s (from Andrew): The comments section of the Central District News version of the "What exactly will the 23rd Ave greenway be"  post has a long and very interesting discussion of the greenway, the 23rd Avenue street project and the implications of both. The Capitol Hill Seattle version also has an interesting discussion in the comments. And here's a Capitol Hill Times article about the Greenway open house: "Greenway rendered useless by changes to 23rd Ave"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Miller Park Neighbors" first meeting: Monday November 11th

The "Miller Park Neighbors" group is coming to life! The inaugural meeting will be at 7PM on Monday, November 11th at the home of Tamara Broadhead, 310 21st Avenue East, garage entrance (street level).
  • A small group of us agreed this Spring to start a new neighborhood group, which we named "Miller Park Neighbors", to represent our collective assorted concerns and interests.
  • Our borders will be (roughly) Madison to Aloha and 19th to 23rd.
  • Our initial interests will include Meany School renovations and the 23rd Avenue Greenway, and will surely include traffic and parking! 
  • The long-dormant "Miller Park Neighborhood Association" will be officially put to bed
To keep updated on what we're up to, you can visit this blog (, and/or join our listserv to receive meeting announcements and other urgent messages.

To join the listserv send an E-mail to:

and act on the instructions in the E-mail you receive. Your E-mail address will not be displayed in any messages we send to you and other interested neighbors, nor will it be shared with others.

Below is a simple flyer to share with others (via electrons or paper):

23rd Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Greenway: Nov. 6th Open House

Many (most?) of us got mailings from the City Department of Transportation about their Wednesday, Nov 6th Community Open House to discuss the proposed 23rd Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Greenway. Meeting will be from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in Nova High School auditorium (300 20th Avenue East). Presentation will be at 6 PM.

The Greenway is described on a City website:

In brief (from their website):
Neighborhood greenways are residential streets where directional signage guides people along the route and traffic calming measures reduce traffic speed and volume, discouraging drivers from avoiding arterials by cutting through on neighborhood streets. Greenways can be especially beneficial for families, children and seniors who might find these routes more comfortable than busier nearby streets. Local access to homes along neighborhood greenways is always preserved, and there are usually minimal, if any, changes to on-street parking.

The proposed greenway runs along 21st or 22nd Avenues: the first phase built will be from the south terminus to East John Street. It sounds as though the neighborhood changes will be minor, and the inconveniences few, but I hope you will join me in learning more at the meeting.

Some personal observations:

  •  The 22nd Avenue route seems to cross Madison by going straight through the Safeway! It crosses Madison at 22nd where there is no traffic light.
  • The 21st Avenue route does not acknowledge that the 2 blocks of 21st between Harrison and John are southward-bound one-way streets. 
  • We need to ensure that their plans acknowledge the neighborhood impacts of the (soon to be finished) Aegis Living senior housing on 22nd, and the planned redevelopment of the "Deano's" and "Twilight Exit" sites adjacent to (and kitty-corner to) the Madison Street Safeway (expected within 2 years).
  • The (old) Miller Park Neighborhood Association engaged in an SDOT traffic survey over a decade ago. Few of the measures proposed in the report have been implemented, and the traffic & parking problems have continued. Should we suggest that these issues be readdressed as part of the Greenway discussions. A possible solution to traffic/parking/cut-through issues would be to make 21st and 22nd Avenues 1 way streets in alternate directions.


Meany School renovations

(Timeline for the rebuilding of Meany school will presumably be impacted by the refusal of the  present users of The Horace Mann School, to which Nova will return once it is renovated, to vacate the building, as they had agreed).

Seattle Schools will be extensively renovating the Meany Middle School building to open it as a new Middle School for 850 students in (?) 2017. The building presently houses two programs.  Nova alternative high school is due to return to its original home, the Horace Mann building in the Central Area, when the building is renovated and the sharing issues with the present residents are resolved (see Central District News for information). The World School will move to the TT Minor Building in the Central District.

The Schools website (
details what we know about the plans. Several neighbors applied to join the School Design Advisory Team and will report to us on what they learnt.

BTW the Schools website initially contained references to their plans for the play field and parking lot. My correspondence with Parks (see below) confirmed that both are in fact Parks property

Some links to Capitol Hill Seattle blog articles, with the (few) details we have of what's being planned:

Dear Director Williams,

The Meany School building, immediately adjacent to Miller Community Center and Playfield, will be renovated and rebuilt to house a new, large (850 student) middle school.

Neighborhood outreach efforts for the planning are starting soon, and I write for clarification on several points.

1) Is the Parks Department actively involved in the planning process? If so, can we get the name of the Parks Department staff member involved?

2) The school website ( ) contains this statement:

  • Site work including playfield renovation, installation of new building signage and energy-efficient lighting, and resurfacing and restriping of the parking lot.

a) is Parks aware of and  involved in those renovations?

b) Is the playfield Parks or School property? (I suspect it's Parks)

c) Is the parking lot Parks or School property?  Our understanding had always been that it was Parks property, but was used during the school day by school staff (by common assent), a use which has worked well over the years.

We would appreciate speedy answers to these issues, as the public involvement process starts very soon.

Many thanks,

Andrew Taylor
Good to see you are on continuing your involvement in these issues and being ever vigilant !
I have talked to the School District’s Project manager Vincent Gonzales and he will see to it that the relevant web site regarding the Meaning Middle School is corrected to delete reference to both playfield renovation and the parking lot, both of which as you note are in fact owned by the Parks and Recreation Department.

In response to your other question:

1)      Is the Parks Department actively involved in the planning process? If so, can we get the name of the Parks Department staff member involved?

While we are not actively involved yet there have been several brief conversations with the School District. I plan to attend at least the first meeting School Design Advisory Committee and as I understand it Trevor Gregg and Thomas Hargrave  from the community center will be on the committee.

Donald M. Harris
Manager, Property and Acquisition Services
Planning & Development Division
Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation
800 Maynard Avenue South, 4th floor
Seattle, WA 98134-1336
Ph 206 684 8018

Fax 206 233 7038 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to Miller Park Neighbors

This will be the home of "Miller Park Neighbors", an East Capitol Hill neighborhood group which is in the process of getting organized.

To keep updated on what we're up to, you can check back here, and/or join our listserv:

Send an E-mail to:

and act on the instructions in the E-mail you receive. Your E-mail will not be displayed in any messages (about upcoming meetings, etc) we send to you and other interested neighbors.

More info on our first meeting, and on upcoming gatherings. coming soon.