Monday, February 3, 2014

Feedback from Jan. 28 Meeting about 1720 East Denny building proposal

(here are the details, and some drawing about the proposal)

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you all for your participation in the neighbors meeting regarding the Roxette Apartments. It was a direct and frank discussion that has given us some clear feedback and some items to work on. Below is a summary of some of the main points of feedback that we received:
§  Limited parking in the area is an ongoing issue. The lack of parking in the project is undesirable.  The code prohibition against using the alley for parking is not helping.
§  The perceived height and mass of the building at 18th looks good, but the fact that a taller building mass is visible beyond is a concern. The existing poplar trees may provide some screening that would help mitigate the issue as seen from the street.
§  Massing the stair and elevator penthouses to the south and stepping the building away from the SF neighbor to the north was appreciated. The four story wall height along the north property line is a major concern.
§  The alley is a pedestrian access route that people use to walk from their homes to the commercial areas.
§  The rendered image shown had a material transition at the lobby level. Extending the brick fa├žade all the way to street level is preferred.
§  Various aesthetic preferences were discussed. A common theme centered around a desire for the project to use high quality materials consistent with the neighborhood context and traditional building forms.
§  The roof deck is a potential noise and privacy issue.
Please feel free to contact us with additional questions or comments. On March 19th we will present this project to the East Design review board. The preliminary design that you saw has already been submitted, so we will not be making any changes between now and that meeting. Once that meeting is done and we have received the board’s feedback, we will make revisions to the project to address all of the issues together.

Thank you again for your participation and interest. 


Charlie Waterman

Hamilton Urban Partners
"Charles R. Waterman" <>

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