Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Central Co-op: An ask and an invite

Dear friends,
As you know I'm on the board of Central Co-op and feel proud to serve an organization under highly capable and creative management and much improved governance over the past year.  That's http://www.centralcoop.coop/  Most of all, I hope you always have a great shopping experience in the store and know how much your input as a member is valued. 

Our GM has set a challenge for staff and board to pull in 3000 Likes on Facebook before the 24th.  Not being on FB myself, this is my outreach to you.  If you are on FB, please to add Central Co-op to your favorite places and ask any friends who shop the Co-op to Like it too.  https://www.facebook.com/centralcoop.seattle

Our GM is completing a masters degree in cooperative management in a distance program of St. Mary's University in Halifax, NS (the only such degree program in N. America so far).  He's a walking encyclopedia of cooperative history, practices and principles.  In fact he is transforming the Co-op's community space at 1900 Madison into Rochdale Room, in honor of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, founded in 1844, an early consumer cooperative and one of the first  to pay its members a patronage dividend, which formed the basis for the modern cooperative movement.  

The Open House for the Rochdale Room is coming up this Mon. evening, the 10th and we warmly welcome you to come celebrate it and the many ways Central Co-op is a leader in the cooperative movement of our day, in our town.  Please click on this link and I hope to see you there!
Best regards,

Elaine Nonneman <enonneman@yahoo.com>
(Miller Park neighbor)

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