Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tuesday July 14th Neighborhood Meeting with 21st/Madison Developer

Jim Mueller, who's been involved in many projects in our neighborhood, contacted me to set up this informal neighborhood meeting to discuss his development of the old Firestone site, opposite the Safeway on Madison. Here are links to the City Documents on the project, including the Design Proposal (containing many details of the proposed building).

The City's public Early Design Guidance Hearing, at which you can make public comment, will be on Wednesday July 22nd. The official meeting announcement is copied below.

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  1. Could someone please inform the developer and architect that the property has had an automotive service station there since at least the mid 70's. There could be forty or more years worth of gas, oil, antifreeze, etc under ground. Also, the empty lot across the street was the location of a dry cleaning plant. A lot of dry cleaning fluid might have been just dumped and some might have migrated to this property.