Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Madison-Miller Park Community Meeting

Wednesday June 21, 2017 6:30 PM Holy Names Academy


1.      Introductions and Overview  (Elaine Nonneman, Co-Chair)  10 min
·         Sign-in sheet; intros all around
·         Comments from zone captains on flyer distribution effort

2.       Community RPZ and density survey  (Brian Murphy and Greg Walton)  20 min
·         Preliminary survey responses
·         Plans to process data and submit in response to EIS

3.       EIS Review and response  (Debrah Walker)   30 min
·         Presentation of her and Lauren Swift’s review of EIS
·         Discussion and vote on our official neighborhood response

4.       Lobbying effort with City Council  (Debrah Walker)  20 min
·         Our process leading up to the City Council’s 2018 vote on HALA upzones
·         Discussion of plans pre- and post-elections

5.      Tasks and Goals  (Elaine Nonneman, all)  20 min
·         Actions planned and needed

·         Set next meeting date