Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Neighborhood organizing meeting soon

Looks like Wednesday April 19th will be our next meeting. I’m waiting to get final confirmation on date and time from HNA but until you hear otherwise this is the date. 

I want to push things along so I’m emailing to ask individuals if there are areas, aka committees, you are willing to lead. I’m hoping these tasks can be a short term, as in a several month, concentrated effort. 

Miller Neighbors Group
Chair, Vice-Chair or 2 Co-Chairs  (I think the chair person is a spokesperson for the neighborhood and can play a time limited role, I do not want to be this person)

Recoding secretary (just to record meetings) and treasurer (money needs will presumably be light, so treasurer should be a light task)

Webmaster blogger? Some one who can update posts on the Miller and Capitol Hill blogs and perhaps set up a Facebook page (other?)

Committee Chairperson’s:

1. Residential Parking Zone

2. Group Coordination & Strategy :  (I see this as my role)

3. Outreach - Alliances :
A. Historic Preservation and Historic Seattle
B. Allied Arts
C. Seattle Neighborhood Coalition
D. Meany School- Miller Park, local businesses
E. Other Groups?

4. Monitoring the city’s official HALA Web Site and Outreach effort. Keep track of EIS progress, important dates.

Even if you cannot attend the meeting on the 19th please take a chairmanship or become a Miller Neighborhood Group officer so we can get this going ASAP.  If we have these roles assigned we can spend our limited time on the 19th strategizing and come away with action items. I can’t stress enough that if we will have any impact we need to move fast and in a concentrated-focused way. I think we will then need to meet on a bi-weekly basis to report in to each other and refine our efforts. 

Many Thanks,

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