Thursday, March 9, 2017

Assorted links / surveys /meetings

Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit website now has a live section for your comments:

23rd Avenue corridor news:


Capitol Hill Times article about recent HALA upzoning meeting at Miller:

Capitol Hill Blog article about our neighborhood meeting at Holy Names:


Seattle Neighborhood Coalition
March 11 or 14th,   
2nd Workshop on HALA Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA)

– Understanding the details of the Proposed Zoning and Land Use Changes under MHA.

The Seattle Neighborhood Coalition in conjunction with the City Neighborhood Council’s Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee are pleased to announce their second Workshop on the HALA Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA).   Two dates are planned.
The goal for the second workshop is to educate participants in how to do their own evaluation of the MHA changes to their neighborhood so that they can craft their own message and explain in detail how the changes will affect their community.
Times, dates, places, signup for the meetings on their website:

City of Seattle Housing Affordability (HALA) website:

Register on their interactive website ( ) via the log-in [top right] and share all your views with the City.

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