Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Proposed Residential Parking Zone

I learnt (via Nextdoor) of a proposal for a new Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) in an area between Madison and Union. It's south of our neighborhood, but it's very likely to displace cars from that neighborhood into our neighborhood.

Here's the scoop:

Suggestions of what we might do:
  • Go to the meeting and learn about RPZ's.
  • Have a Miller neighborhood meeting and decide if a RPZ would be good for us.
  • (I'll write soon with thoughts about how we might invigorate our neighborhood group).
  • Please add your thoughts to this message or E-mail them to andrew_taylor@me.com


  1. More housing capacity is being built, more people are moving to our neighborhood and parking is rapidly disappearing. RPZ might be needed eventually, but for now, before parking randomly, I wish people would a) park in their garage, b) park in their driveway or c) park in front of their house. And please don't use our streets to store your car for weeks on end. Thanks for being considerate.