Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Meany School Project News

Hi Lori and Ron,

I hadn’t heard anything recently, so I wrote to Vince Gonzales (School District) and Gary Gibbons about their projects.  Please see below.

From Vince:

Hi Kathleen,
We are probably over do to have a coordination meeting.   A few things have happen recently with regards to the project schedule and potentially the budget plus the information we recently received from DPD.

1.       We are looking to move up the construction schedule to April 2016.  However the work will only take place in the 1950’s wing (the area we commonly call the saw tooth roof area).   The rest of the school will remain occupied with the “World School Program”.   In June 2016 they will leave the site and the building will be completely unoccupied.  The contractor will than half full access to the building.
2.       Budget:  Internally there are conversations about a need to increase the scope of work to address the mechanical systems.   However this is something that is being kicked around but no decision will be made for 4 months or so.
3.       The Architect had a DPD pre-permit submittal conference last month.   DPD decided that the building needs to meet the requirements of “Substantial Alteration”.  Unfortunately with this designation they are requiring the district to permit work on the Parks side of the building that addresses items related to substantial alternation.   Attached are meeting minutes.   The District and Parks will need to work together to address item #2 in the meeting minutes.  

I would like to restart our bi-monthly coordination next week if possible.   Are there any days that work best for you?


Vince G.

From Gary Gibbons: 

No there shouldn’t be any staging, there will be disruption to parking and the ramp on the W side of Meany. The rest of the work will be interior to both buildings, and may need some coordination, but we’ll take care of that prior to contracting the work.

I will let you know as I hear more, especially from the School District side of things.  I hope you are doing well.  I appreciate your flexibility over the twists and turns on this project road! 

Thanks, Kathleen

Kathleen A. Conner, AICP
Planning Manager
Seattle Parks and Recreation
800 Maynard Ave S, 3rd fl
Seattle, WA  98134

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