Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Community Solar program thanks to Capitol Hill Housing

Hi Neighbors!

I have an update on a really exciting neighborhood project to share with you! The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, which is a neighborhood sustainability initiative led by Capitol Hill Housing, has recently launched a new Community Solar program in partnership with Seattle City Light.
Community Solar is a way for residents to participate and receive the benefits of solar without having their own solar arrays on their roof—and in this case also supports a great cause! Anyone who pays a City Light bill can now buy-in to our fully built (and running!) “shared” Community Solar array, which is located atop one of Capitol Hill Housing’s affordable housing properties at 10th and E. John St., the Holiday Apartment building. They will then earn their money back via credits on their City Light bills based on the solar energy generated. When the program ends in 2020, participants are expected to have earned back their entire investment, plus a little extra! The solar array will then be donated to Capitol Hill Housing to continue to support affordable housing. Basically it’s a win-win-win for everyone!
So to recap:
1.     Buy Solar Units: Any City Light customer can sign up, starting at $150
2.     Get Paid Back: Earn your investment back via credits on your bill until 2020
3.     Feel Good: This project produces clean energy, supports the regional economy (all of the system components and labor are locally sourced!), and reduces the long-term operating costs of affordable housing.
If you’re interested in learning more about our work, check out our website and follow us on facebook or twitter!

You can also reach the EcoDistrict Outreach Coordinator, Arielle Lawson (me!) at

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