Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cayton Corner (19th & Madison Park) Meeting: 7/2/14

This little park is next to the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center, across form Mount Zion Church.

The group planning its development is having a meeting tonight, July 2nd:

Hi Andrew....

Could you pass this along to the miller park community email list?  We just got another small grant from the office of neighborhoods and will be entering the next phase of the design process. 

We are currently going to be meeting at the miller park community center at 6:30 pm. on the first Wednesday of the month.  A couple members of our steering committee have left for life changes, such as going back to school, so we are looking for new core people for our steering committee.  We have subcommittees in design, fundraising, interim use and outreach, so can use the help.

We are also doing a night out at the park on tuesday August 7 or 8th ....whichever is tuesday and would love to invite people to attend.


Karen Portzer <>

Our next monthly meeting is in one week on July 2nd at a new meeting location in the Miller Community Center ( Meeting time is the same at 6:30 PM, we are in the multi-purpose room. I have sent this meeting announcement to our regulars and recent volunteers - please feel free to forward to anyone else you think might be interested. Please reply to me (not reply-all so our mailboxes won't get too full) with anything you'd like to talk about and I'll try to put together a general agenda to send out the day before the meeting.

- discussion from the July 1st meeting (design cost proposal, etc.)
- August 5th night out
- do we like this new meeting space at Miller CC?
- mural? (leah)
- printed swag? (allison)
- meeting with Ed's colleagues later in July

Thanks, see you soon!

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