Wednesday, January 1, 2014

23rd Avenue Traffic Calming Meeting: Tuesday Jan 7th

The 23rd Avenue ACT is bringing SDOT traffic engineer John Marek to the neighborhood to talk about traffic calming measures and how residents can apply for traffic calming measures on our neighborhood streets.  The event is January 7 at 6:00 at the Garfield Community Center.  Full details below. 


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a speed bump and a speed hump?  How about a chicane and a choker?

A traffic engineer from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will answer these questions and more at an informational meeting on Tuesday, January 7, at 6:00 PM at the Garfield Community Center, 2323 E Cherry Street

SDOT Traffic Engineering Supervisor John Marek informational meeting, titled Traffic Calming 101, will provide an introduction to the variety of tools SDOT can implement to calm traffic on neighborhood streets and arterials.  SDOT engineers will also describe the process for applying for traffic calming measures in our neighborhood.  If you know an unsafe spot that would benefit from traffic calming, this meeting is for you.

The meeting will also include a short presentation by Central District resident John Stewart of Feet First on how Feet First uses walking audits to help folks understand their neighborhood from a different perspective.

This meeting is brought to us by the 23rd Avenue ACT's "Livable Streets for All" Action Team, a team of neighbors working in conjunction with city agencies to make our neighborhood streets safe for persons of all ages.   For more information about this meeting or the Livable Streets for All action team, please contact 23rd Avenue ACT members Brendan Patrick (soccerbrendan AT or Jocquelyn Duncan (ejocquelyn AT or call Kerry Wade of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (206.733.9091).  

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