Sunday, November 3, 2013

23rd Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Greenway: Nov. 6th Open House

Many (most?) of us got mailings from the City Department of Transportation about their Wednesday, Nov 6th Community Open House to discuss the proposed 23rd Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Greenway. Meeting will be from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in Nova High School auditorium (300 20th Avenue East). Presentation will be at 6 PM.

The Greenway is described on a City website:

In brief (from their website):
Neighborhood greenways are residential streets where directional signage guides people along the route and traffic calming measures reduce traffic speed and volume, discouraging drivers from avoiding arterials by cutting through on neighborhood streets. Greenways can be especially beneficial for families, children and seniors who might find these routes more comfortable than busier nearby streets. Local access to homes along neighborhood greenways is always preserved, and there are usually minimal, if any, changes to on-street parking.

The proposed greenway runs along 21st or 22nd Avenues: the first phase built will be from the south terminus to East John Street. It sounds as though the neighborhood changes will be minor, and the inconveniences few, but I hope you will join me in learning more at the meeting.

Some personal observations:

  •  The 22nd Avenue route seems to cross Madison by going straight through the Safeway! It crosses Madison at 22nd where there is no traffic light.
  • The 21st Avenue route does not acknowledge that the 2 blocks of 21st between Harrison and John are southward-bound one-way streets. 
  • We need to ensure that their plans acknowledge the neighborhood impacts of the (soon to be finished) Aegis Living senior housing on 22nd, and the planned redevelopment of the "Deano's" and "Twilight Exit" sites adjacent to (and kitty-corner to) the Madison Street Safeway (expected within 2 years).
  • The (old) Miller Park Neighborhood Association engaged in an SDOT traffic survey over a decade ago. Few of the measures proposed in the report have been implemented, and the traffic & parking problems have continued. Should we suggest that these issues be readdressed as part of the Greenway discussions. A possible solution to traffic/parking/cut-through issues would be to make 21st and 22nd Avenues 1 way streets in alternate directions.


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  1. I think that a one ways for 22nd and 21st from John to Aloha would be a terrific fix but I would include speed humps too. Even with circles and two way traffic folks still fly down 22nd.